Tom MacTavish

Sample of Job Seeker Profile page

Brief of Job Seeker Profile

In 3 easy steps you will create a job seeker profile page that is a visual platform to present yourself and your professional experiences to Employers.

Imagine, rather than sending a text resume, you are able to network and present yourself via a job seeker profile page that allows you to upload up to 10 professional pictures, up to 4- 30 second professional videos, pictures of licenses, certificates, diplomas, achievements and awards, an "about me section" and, of course, cover letter and resume and references.

This is a visual world and we are on the cutting edge of it with our visual plat form that allows you to present your visual self to the professional world.

After all, aren't you more than text on a page?! You are a living breathing human being. Why should you be able to present yourself that way through our visual platform- "The Job Seeker Profile" page.

What are you waiting for, create your free job seeker profile page now. Be seen and found b your future employer!

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