About Us

Our mission is to provide tools for both the Job Seeker and Employer to optimize the Job seekers chances of obtaining employment and to provide tools to the Employer to more easily identitify and choose the best candidate to fill their vacant positions.

As being employer, employee and unemployed over the last 30 years, we found that the current job sites did not provide today's technological tools to efficiently help with the employment process for the Job seeker or the employer. As a result, we present to the Job Seeker a profile page that allows the Job seeker to add up to 10 professional photos, up to 4- 30 second professional videos, an "About Me" section, up to 3 text resumes, pictures and descriptive text of their diplomas, certificates, licenses, achievments, awards and references. No longer are you represented as simple text on a page. You are a living, breathing unique, dynamic human being and can represent yourself as such through our profile page.

As an employer, no longer are you looking at hundreds of text resumes to the point where all the words on the page start to jumble together. You can now view the very dynamic individual and see their personality, better understand their demeanor, professionalism, and articulation. The Job seeker profile is like a mini interview whereas you will get a much better idea of the candidate that is best to fill your position. The process is streamlined in that rather than combing through hundreds of text resumes, you can now look at ten, twenty or thirty candidates profile pages, bring them in for a formal interview and fill the position. It will help human resouces see and find the very best candidates and save time and money for the company.

As a small employer, we often had a challenge of affording an employment ad and/or buying text resumes. It often would cost $800 or greater and the process of receiving and/or viewing the text resumes and then setting interviews, and placing somebody was very time consuming and inefficient often leaving us with no good candidates to fill our positions so we lost a lot of time and money. We have made the profile views very affordable for all size businesses. Our packages start at $99 and are, as state before, a much more efficient way of filling open positions with the very best candidates.