How it works

Workking provides a unique visual platform for the benefit of both the Job Seeker and Employer. The Job Seeker builds a profile page in 3 easy steps. The profile page allows the Job Seeker to upload up to 10 professional photos, up to 4- 30 second professional videos, up to 3 text resumes, photos and descriptive text for Diplomas, Licenses, Certificates, Achievements, Awards and References. The Employer has the opportunity to view all of these elements of the candidates which allows the Employer to better understand the candidate's personality, energy level, professionalism and articulation. The Job Seeker profile page streamlines the hiring process and saves the Employer time and money and is a more efficient process in selecting the very best candidates for the Employer's job openings. The Job Seeker profile page allows the Job Seeker a tool to stand out and be seen. After all, aren't we more than text on a page?